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Welcome to DoorDong​

Doordong brings shopping malls at your doorstep. It aims to provide people an online experience of physical shopping, but much more enhanced and without the drawbacks.

Every store on Doordong’s website is a physical store from a shopping mall. Thus, you exactly know from where and from whom you are buying your products. You will get exactly what you see. This ensures trust and increases the credibility of our service.

Doordong provides the fastest e-commerce delivery. Products are delivered two hours within the placement of order. And our quality checking system ensures there will be no mismatch between your desired and delivered product.

Doordong ensures consistent and transparent pricing. Since the products are already on the shelves of a physical store, Doordong does not charge you an extra 200% just because they are on an website.

Along with all of this, Doordong compares all the best deals and campaigns that are offered through different stores in different shopping malls. This guarantees you that you are getting the best value for the price.

Check our website today for the best experience of online shopping! You don’t have to step out of your house anymore, because Doordong is bringing them to you at your Doorstep.


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Meet Our Leaders

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Mosharof Sabu

Chairman, Co-Founder
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Mehedi Hasan Apurbo

CEO, Co-Founder
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Tanvir Faysal

CTO, Co-Founder
Maruf Hasan Anik 1

Maruf Hasan Anik

COO, Co-Founder

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